Today is mine. A few days ago I was being all whiny like “I hate my birthday! It blows that it’s two days after Christmas! Everyone is all worn out from Christmas and drinking too much egg nog and whatever else the songs say and pleasing their loved ones with gifts and decorating their houses and they’re all broke so I just feel guilty making anyone do anything for my dumb birthday! Way to go mom, getting pregnant 9 months before Christmas!!” And other totally rational ramblings.

It's aliiivvvveeee!!

Today though, I’m feeling pretty happy about the whole thing. I’m taking a half day to eat a big huge burrito and go skiing with my sweetheart, then eating sushi with my awesome family who loves me enough to muster up one last burst of energy after Christmas to celebrate with me. Does it get better than huge burritos + skiing + raw fish + people you love? If you think it does, then you can just shut your trap, because it’s MY BIRTHDAY today. Sorry, that was the birthday monster.

We totally rock the teacher-style Christmas shirts, borrowed from an actual teacher.

So anyway, happy birthday to me, and happy normal day to all of you!