I’m a scarf girl. Anyone else out there a scarf girl or guy? It’s nice because I can wear the most boring outfit ever, and totally spice it up with a scarf. But when my scarves are hidden away in a closet (a teeny one, at that) I don’t always remember they’re there, and then I enter the dangerous “extremely boring outfit zone” more often than I like.

So I decided to make this space between the bedroom door and the closet my “dressing corner”, since I will probably never have an actual dressing room to call my own (curse you Sara!).

(That big white rectangle is just the light reflecting in the mirror. Maybe someday I’ll learn how to take pictures.)

I got this $5 Logga hanger at Ikea and it sat around my house for weeks I installed it right away.

It seems like every time I have to use anchors, it ends up taking way longer than it should and also generating way more muttered curse words than it should. And then it also seems more blog-worthy than it probably should.

Look at all my fun scarves!

Blanche approves.

I excitedly said to Stan “It’s functional art!!!” He replied “Well… it’s functional.” Wop wop wop. But this room won’t be his for another 158 days or so according to the super-naggy Knot, so if he doesn’t like it by then I guess that will be our first speed bump as a married couple. HA!