As much as I love writing about my house, sometimes I have a need to share something totally bizarro off-the-wall, or- gasp!- wedding related. So I hereby declare Wednesdays fair game- on Wednesdays, I’m allowed to post any of the following things:

  • Wordless Wednesday (of course)
  • Weirdo Wednesday (have you met my family?)
  • Wedding Wednesday (my neediness for opinions doesn’t stop with home-related issues!)
  • Whisker Wednesday (for the animals, duh)
  • Whiny Wednesday (I’ll try to keep this one to a minimum)
  • Wishing Wednesday (stuff I want)
  • Wunning Wednesday (I’m running another half-marathon)
  • Whatever-I-Want Wednesday (I’m free to come up with more “W” words)

So if all you ever want to hear about is house-related stuff, please stick around (I love you, dear reader) but just skip Wednesdays. I feel like is a good way for me to not pretend that other parts of my life don’t exist, but also to give me some boundaries so I don’t post cat and rainbow videos and veil and centerpiece choices every other day.

For this first one, let’s go ahead and do a Weirdo Wednesday. You give me 4 seconds, and I will make you smile (or at least raise an eyebrow and wish for those 4 seconds back).