A friend of mine posted this story on facebook about a family who generates very little waste, and now I feel guilty as I sit here looking at my full recycling bin waiting to be picked up. While I don’t think I could  be quite as diligent as they are, the story offers some good tips for cutting back on everyday trash and packaging. Check it out!

On a completely different note, I wanted to give a quick shout-out thanking Kasey and all of the participating Etsy sellers for doing the giveaway (way back in November). I was the lucky winner, and I thoroughly enjoyed seeing all the gifts arrive at my house, many of them with handwritten notes. (And yeah, I’m cheap/somewhat eco, so I saved a lot of the boxes and envelopes to reuse for my own mailing purposes.)

Kelly helped me dress up my New Years cupcakes- (deliciously vegan, to boot- and this is coming from someone who normally prefers mountains of butter and cream- seriously, do yourself a favor and check out that cookbook even if Peta gives you hives).

I received two paintings from Kim (won one and purchased one), and aren’t they just the most delightful things ever?

Jesse and Blanche were impressed, too. I have yet to find a permanent home for them (the pictures- not the pets).

These are the two gifts I won from the giveaway that I have already snapped pictures of, but that doesn’t make any of the other ones less awesome. Please check out their Etsy shops!

Effie Handmade

Colie’s Crafts

The Shop at No144

Yellow Brick Home- The Pet Shop

RJ Charms

Lisa Samartino Atelier

Tearing Up Houses

Our Humble ABowed


Shop Houndstooth

A big fat thank you goes to Kasey and all of these sellers, and though I am aware that Christmas is over, my appetite for Etsy has been whetted! (Yep, whetted.)