This past weekend, wedding planning took up almost my entire weekend. Not that I’m complaining- we got some big stuff taken care of and actually had a pretty good time doing it. This is pretty much how the weekend went:

11:00: Go to bridal shop #1 to try stuff on (with no intention of buying- I had intended to see which styles I liked best and then buy online)

(syrupy sweet but excited voice) “I’m sorry, but all of our appointments are booked right now!!! Would you like to schedule one for tomorrow?!!!!”
(Wendy whinily requests nothing before noon)

11:30: Arrive at another bridal shop.

“Who’s the briiiiiiide??? Congratulations!!!! Where are you getting married!?!?!?!”
“In the back yard.”
“Awesome!!!! I loooooooooooove backyard weddings!!!!! Where do you live?!?!?!”
(long hesitation, because I live in the ghetto and the back yards in my ‘hood are not known for their extensive green lushness) “Uhh… by the Fairpark.”
(blank stare searching for something nice to say) “How nice!!!!!”
(the lady walks away and Wendy whispers “You should have lied and said you live in the Avenues!”)
Despite my obvious low socioeconomic status, the lady actually was really nice and offered us tickets to the Bridal Expo Showcase Thingymabob going on just down the street.

12:15: Arrive at Bridal Wedding Showcase Extravaganza Expo Summit Fashionshow

“ZOMG Congratulations!!!!!! Which one of you is the briiiiiiiide??!?!?!?!”
“Sign up to win a free honeymooooooooon!!!!!!!!”
“Let me see your riiiiiiiiing!!!!”
“Has anyone ever told you you look exactly like a blonde Angelina Jolie but with a better figure???!??!?!?!”

Okay so I’m exaggerating a little bit. There was one junior-section-shopping overly tanned 43-going-on-16 lady in a booth who couldn’t hide her distaste for my nontraditional ring, but I’m okay with it since it’s pretty much my goal in life to be the opposite of her at that age.

"cool" mom

I did have an “Aha” moment though. We walked past the Cactus & Tropicals (a local plant store) booth and heard their little pitch, and for some reason it just clicked. “This is the place.” I had wanted to do it in the back yard for these reasons:

  • It’s sentimental- it’s going to be our house, and we’ve spent a lot of hours fixing up the back yard
  • We can choose whichever caterer we want
  • Save money
  • Outdoor weddings!

But Cactus & Tropicals won me over with the following:

  • We shop there, so it’s sentimental (hey, it counts)
  • They let us choose the caterer
  • It’s like being outside, without worrying about the weather
  • Minimal decorating because there are beautiful plants everywhere
  • Less/no stress about making sure the yard and house look perfect for 120 guests
  • I don’t have to ask my friends and family to set up tents/chairs/decorations at 6am and then take them all down afterward

Pretty, right?

The cost to rent the place is more than it would be to have it in the back yard, but I could hear the relief in my mom’s voice when I called to ask her about it. I think the extra money (and really, not that much extra considering all the tables, chairs, decorations and tents we would have to get for the yard) will be worth the stress on my family. Stan was visibly relieved, too. πŸ™‚ Apparently no one but me was excited about the back yard idea! Haha oh well.

The wedding is now on a Friday. I called my furthest family and asked them if that would be ok for them, and they said no problemo, so we booked. I kind of like a Friday wedding, so people can just come by after work or whatever, then we can start our honeymoon asap (insert innuendo here).

Moving on to the dress. We had booked an appointment for the next day, so we showed up raring to go at noon. Against everyone’s advice everywhere, I brought along the whole posse- four approving/disapproving friends. And boy do we have a range of opinions! Thankfully, my friends are awesome at putting their own tastes aside and focusing on what’s “me”. Seriously, not everyone can do that and I’m extremely grateful to have such awesome besties. Our consultant lady was really nice and not pushy at all.

I did buy a dress, but I’m far from relieved because I’m having them change a billion things about it. Mega alterations. Mega alterations bill. Anyone have any advice on tailoring? The bridal shop guarantees their work, but I’m thinking I may be able to find a seamstress to do it for less. Should I do that or just leave it to the shop?

Sorry, but no pics because once in a while Stan reads my blog and I keep flip flopping on whether I don’t care if he sees my dress beforehand or whether I want him to be blown away by my stunning bridey awesomeness when I walk down the aisle. Today I’m leaning toward the latter. Besides, I need to transform my Michelin Man arms to Jillian arms before showing them off to the world.

Okay, I’ll show you a pic of one I didn’t get (arms and all).

And I will say that I want to follow the trend of wearing bright colorful shoes. Bright yellow shoes are surprisingly hard to find! Even the dyeables I’ve seen only come in muted mustardy hues. I need Lemonhead. Tips are appreciated! (Preferably budget!)