We did lots of stuff this weekend. Lots! Like, a few blog posts worth (don’t worry- I think it’s stuff you’ll actually care about).

But first, humor me by looking at this cute family photo taken on Antelope Island.

And look! We saw a coyote.

I promise, he’s in there.

But we didn’t just galavant all over the island this weekend. No siree. The biggest thing we did was turn the guest bedroom from a storage unit (nope, no before pics- even I am too ashamed) into a functional room. Stan had to go all Niecy Nash on my A, but it was worth it. However, I’ll post about that later.

First, some catch- up. Remember way back way back when when I made a Roman shade out of some $4 Target blinds? And then I never hung it up? And it hung around my house forever bouncing from the storage unit guest room to the living room to the desk to the dining room table and then back to the storage unit guest room? Were you there?

Oh. Well I was.

Anyway, one of the small annoying tasks we completed this weekend was hanging that sucker up. And even though it turned out rhombal (Stan says “rhombal” isn’t a word but that doesn’t stop me from using it- now that I think of it, the word is actually “rhomboidal”. Huh) I am NOT taking it down and fixing it. No siree no way. I’ll just leave it pulled up the majority of the time, and no one will ever know of it’s unsquare ways (except the interwebs that are reading this).

Whoops- we still have some touch-ups to do.

If you’d like to make your own Roman shade out of mini blinds, check out Little Green Notebook’s post for instructions.

Oh! And we also took some pictures to update the Tour, so check those out. We used Stan the Man’s fancy DSLR camera for your viewing pleasure.

Did everyone have a good weekend? Productive? Non-productive?