First: adorable.

Second: I imagine this to be kind of like sending off a kid on the first day of school (except it probably won’t be at night).

A kid who thinks she’s pretty cool…

…and pretty gangsta.

She’s so very… Blanche.

She tries hard. She loves snow.

Pretty pretty girl. (And dumb, but that’s ok.)

And now for the wedding part. We decided to walk down the aisle to… wait for it… an accordion! Now before you give me the stink-eye, know that there are some really beautiful accordion songs out there. Amélie anyone? And it’s extra super special because my bro (my big bro, one of my BFFs, my fart-ner in crime, the one who brought you Glove On Exhaust Pipe, etc) is a bit of an accordion dabbler.

I mean, check out this beautiful music.

Whoops- how did that mullet video get in there?

Try this one:

It cracks me up how he dorkily walks to and from the camera. And also how there’s broken blinds- classy Jonny. But awesome accordion playing, right???

I think most of the Amélie songs are too sad sounding, unfortunately. There are a lot of good Detektivbyrån songs, but most of them are also in minor keys and sound kinda sad and/or just too weird for a wedding. There’s a fine line between happy polka and sad funeral… but I’m determined to find the perfect song! Any suggestions?

To what did you walk down the aisle? (The grammatically correct version of that sentence sounds weird.)