I know- who goes out and buys a rug for their dog? Me, that’s who. I’ll tell you why in a sec.

I was actually quite enjoying my rug-less living room. It was easy to clean, and the tiny room didn’t really need to be “cozied up” by a rug.

What does Blanche have to do with this? Well, she has a problem. It’s surely in the DSM IV- is there a term for “scared of hard floors that make noise when my toenails click on them”? No? Well then she’s just special.


And somehow walking backwards makes it less scary? Weirdo. (Sorry about the annoying voice- I was trying to be extra encouraging.)

So anyway, I’d be hanging out in the living room, and I’d hear this pathetic low growl coming from the end of the hallway. She would stand there on the edge of the hard floor as if she were about to dip her toe into hot lava. She desperately wanted to hang out with me (who doesn’t?) but not bad enough to brave the terrifying clicky floors.

So I bought this jute beauty from World Market, and Blanche has been a much happier dog since.

She even hangs out in the living room now.

I’ll admit that the rug was kind of a hasty purchase, so it wasn’t my best bargain. But I really liked it. I liked it!

And Blanche no longer whines on the edge of the lava/laminate floor while I’m trying to watch Arrested Development on Netflix so it’s a win-win.