Yes, EIGHTH. Well, not my eighth nephew, but my eighth niece/nephew. (I wish English were like Spanish and there was a collective word for nieces and nephews.) Even though I’m really bad at remembering all their birthdays, I love each and every one of my little sobrinos so much.

Anyway, on to the cuteness.

Newborn pictures crack me up because I try to imagine what they’re thinking. “Whaaaaat the efffffff just happened?? Not cool. It’s cold out here. Turn out that light. Kthx.”

“Okay, I’ll wave. Like this? Is this how I wave? A little help here?”

Joseph Michael was born yesterday morning, and my crazy awesome sister went to a birthing center. NO EPIDURAL. Um, ouch. However, this is her fourth baby and she says “going natural” is the way to go. Apparently the recovery is easier and they don’t just try to get the baby out as fast as they possibly can, and they actually explain to you WTH is going on. I’m glad the pain was worth it for her! It seems like when you already have three kids at home you can’t really afford to NOT have a good recovery.

Anyway, thanks for indulging me again with a birth announcement.

And if you’d like to see the home Joe (Joey?) came home to (including a chicken coop), you can find it here.

Happy Friday everyone!