How much is that kitty in the window?

She’s for sale. (Just kidding mostly.)

So, thanks a bunch for all of your opinions on my rule-breaking Friday post where I asked you if you thought I should get the photobooth.

A lot of you liked the idea, but suggested other alternatives to an actual photo booth. Well, shortly after I posted that, I looked at their calendar and my date was booked anyway, so the decision was made for me. Well then.

BUT, it did get me thinking “outside the photobooth”.

There is an awesome DIY tutorial to make your own photobooth from Offbeat Bride, for a fraction of even the discount price of the Living Social deal. Pretty cool! I think this might have to be a feature (I have never actually been to a wedding that had a photo booth, so I wouldn’t feel too much like a copycat).

Item #2. Remember when I said Stan likes me with short hair? (Well he likes me any which way, including with camping face and hairy legs and sweaty head from running, but that’s beside the point.) And remember how I also like me with short hair? Especially since I can wash it in like .132 minutes? (That’s roughly 7.92 seconds.) Well I do.

Get ready for a before and after!

me looking mom-ish despite my youth

Yeah that’s Big K. That’s how I roll.

me looking considerably hotter (although admittedly still kind of mom-ish)

Tell me you love it and that I’m gorgeous and look just like Emma and Natalie including their skinny bodies.

And wouldn’t this look cute in my short hair?

Yes, I am aware that it’s probably not the best idea to get fashion advice from a picture of a toddler. Sue me.

In other wedding news, I’m thisclose to booking a really awesome photographer. I’ll let ya know next Wednesday. 🙂