First of all, thank you all very very very much for reading my blog, and for commenting on my last post. I totally milked the internet for sympathy, and you guys totally indulged me- and I really, truly thank you for that. And I apologize that I’m behind on my blog reading- I know- how does that happen when you’re homebound for 4+ days? Well, Arrested Development streaming on Netflix is a pretty good time-sucker.

And I have to warn you that this post is pretty aimless… those 4+ days haven’t made for a whole lot of blogging material.

It has made for a lot of good bonding time with Blanche, though. Oh Blanche. Why are you such a weirdo?

She nudges her food bowl over with her nose, and lately I’ve been finding it completely upside down.

With food still in it.

In other news, I joined Pinterest! Jeannine has a nice tutorial for using it, and if you do, you should be my friend! Or follow me, or whatever. I just barely started, so so far it’s just filled with wedding ideas.

Also, I’m pretty sure I’ve said it before, but please have an emergency fund! Seriously- one day, I’m a healthy, half-marathon-training 26 year-old walking down the street, and the next day, I’m in the hospital having a $X,XXX (or $XX,XXX? anyone know?) procedure done. Sure, I am fortunate enough to have insurance, but I’m still not looking forward to seeing what I have to pay out of my pocket.

And speaking of spending money, we booked a wedding photographer! She is Terra Cooper with Magnifique Photography and I’m super excited. For our budget wedding, she is a bit of a splurge, but photography is one of my top three priorities (the other two are location and food). When else is the whole family going to be together, dressed up, and having a wonderful time? I think it’s worth it.

Also: Rocket-powered Trike:

It really works! As long as he keeps pedaling.

Also, I’ve been looking for some more bedroom inspiration pictures for when Stan the Man moves in. He has a deep cherry (?) headboard and an Amber dresser- I figure we’ll just work with the differing wood tones. I’ll also probably paint the two side tables.

Here’s some of what I like:

I’m still digging these deep toned bedrooms, too.

Happy Thursday Friday Wednesday!