There’s an abandoned church about half a block away from my house.

It’s gorgeous. It has shopping carts in its parking lots and a pile of laundry on its steps. That’s sad.

Every time I walk by there, I think about how it’s my dad’s dream (one of many) to find an old church like this and turn it into a house. For some reason, he thinks that would be just about the coolest thing. One of his friends lives in an old church-turned-house, and I’m told it’s awesome.

It seemed weird to me at first, but I’m kind of warming up to the idea. A beautiful building is a beautiful building, right?

I mean, imagine this was your front door.

(Sadly for some reason those windows have been filled in.)

And imagine these were your living room windows. Or kitchen!

Won’t somebody help this church?

Or at least beef up the security against bums and vagrants?

There is a restaurant here in SLC that’s an old church. It’s called Ichiban. I love going there for a) their half-price sushi rolls Mon-Wed and b) this:

Church-turned-restaurant: nice.

Sorry, the restaurant was kind of a sidetrack. But what do you guys think about living in a church? Would it feel weird? Too grand and formal? Rad? I’m curious to see where people stand.