I’m not kidding. Nearly (pause) three (pause) years…(final pause).

I started this quilt for my friend Kristin the way I start most of my projects- full of enthusiasm and raring to go. Unfortunately –as with most of my projects– my enthusiasm dwindled a bit after a while. The quilt pieces moved houses with me, and lived in a box labeled “Butterfly quilt” for far too long. I have had a picture on my camera for two years of how I wanted the blocks arranged. Every time I turned on my camera, there was the picture of the disassembled quilt, reminding me of my failure as a human being.

<picture of disassembled quilt that I’m not really going to show you>

But two weeks ago, the weekend before Kristin’s birthday was approaching, I said to myself “Self! Get your butt in gear and finish this quilt this weekend in time for Kristin’s birthday!” And then I got appendicitis.

Never fear. When have I ever been too embarrassed to give a late birthday present? So the next weekend, feeling an appendix-worth lighter, I whipped that baby into shape.

I sent this picture to my mom, who had helped me start the quilt, as proof that it was finished.

I have to credit Erin and her beautiful baby quilt for giving me the idea of backing it with fleece. I guess I’d never thought to back a cotton quilt with fleece, but why not? The fleece is not too stretchy, and it’s warm and cozy, plus it eliminates the need for batting (if you want it for just a TV-watching throw, like I did). Hers is quilted and mine is tied, but it’s not a competition, right? šŸ™‚

So anyway, Kristin, whether you believe me or not, I really did have the best of intentions as far as finishing it in time for Birthday 2011. (And yes, if I hadn’t procrastinated so much, getting appendicitis wouldn’t have mattered. But give me a break- you know how I am.) The amount of time it took me to finish this is directly disproportionate to how much I love you! Happy late Birthday and welcome to 26!