You guys have seen glimpses of my guest/sewing/craft/dog/cat/bike/music room, but it is forever a work in progress. Back in December, the first order of business was getting rid of this monstrosity:

Be a friend and don’t judge me for that pile of crap in the corner. I’m working on it.

I’d like to issue a sincere public apology if you’ve ever stayed at my house and slept on this thing. It’s super uncomfortable. When I sit on it, my butt falls asleep after like three seconds. It tricks you, because when you first sit/lie on it it feels cushy and bouncy, but the reality is that if you weigh more than Keira Knightly, you sink down to an unpleasant layer of what I can only assume is concrete. Sorry guys (all two or three of you). So this thing got the craigslist boot (another apology to the poor sucker who bought this).

When I got the offer from CSN to do another review, I was pumped (such an awesome pun for this review). I resisted the urge to spend my money on something “fun” and instead invested in the Pure Comfort  Queen “Raised” Flock Top Air Bed. I’d seen displays of raised air beds in Costco (and been pushed onto them in the middle of the store by Stan- not in that way, just in a fun joking “I’m going to push you onto this bed and keep walking” sort of way). From those experiences, I had high hopes for the comfort of a raised air bed.

Raised = way better than not raised. Have you ever slept on a regular-sized air mattress that deflates halfway through the night? And your back and bum end up on the floor and your head and feet are up in the air? It sucks huh! Well my thinking with a raised one was that even if it partially deflates, you won’t end up with your bum on a hard floor- you’ll just end up generally a little lower (although admittedly probably still in the bum-down-limbs-up position). Was I right? Read on to find out!

I was pleased that it came with a pump. I’m a fainter (probably ’cause I’m so dainty) so me + repeatedly breathing large puffs of air into pressurized objects = faintage. So while I was pumped (tee hee) that it came with a pump, guys, that pump is LOUD. In-yo-face loud. Wear ear muffs loud.

But it beats the poop out of blowing it up by hand… er, by mouth.

That’s a lot of air in there! PS it inflates in about four minutes with the pump.

With sheets and blankets and pillows (is that what fancy people refer to as “linens”?), it looks pretty much like a normal bed.

Yes, that’s about the best I can do at making a bed- thanks for asking.

And it pretty much feels like a normal bed too! I’m happy to report that throughout the night, I never once ended up in bum-down-limbs-up position, and I slept really well! It held air like a champ. Although if I were going to sleep on it for multiple days, I would probably top off the air before bed every night (but don’t wait till people are sleeping or they will wonder why there is a shrieking tornado in the next room).

Since I keep my house cold at night, the air in the air bed got really cold too. I would recommend putting a blanket or two under the fitted sheet.

It has this extra border around the sides to keep you from rolling off, and it worked really well. I didn’t even have any of those dreams where you think you’re falling (okay, maybe that can’t quite be attributed to the air bed).

Since this room functions as a guest room about 1% of the time and a music/sewing/craft/dog/cat/bike room the rest of the time, I took a clue from Yellow Brick Home and ditched the piece of furniture devoted almost solely to guests (that sucked hardcore anyway). This air mattress is way better (come visit me guys!) and takes up way less space, and is really easy and fast to set up.

Overall I’m happy with the purchase. Maybe someday I’ll have a bona fide Guest Room with a real bed and an empty dresser and a carafe/glass set on the side table and empty wooden hangers in the closet but until then, my houseguests will get to enjoy this puppy. (Come visit me!)