K. Today I have the “after” photo. (Except around here you’ve come to know that “after” really just means “forever in progress”, but I’m still going to call this an “after” photo.)

Here’s the room a couple weeks ago after we de-storage-unit-ed it. I didn’t hate the color, but it was just kind of naked. Looked like naked skin. I wasn’t sure how to deal with it.

Here it is with Plumage:

BAM! I like it. I love it. I’m fond of it.

Although it’sĀ  a dark color, I find that it makes the white things in the room POP so much, that it actually feels brighter in there, in a way. I have a few more things for the walls that I’m excited to see POP as well.

I think it’s the perfect color for doing creative things, which is perfect since this is the art/sewing/craft/music room.

I also think it’s perfect for deep concentration, which is great because this will be the office too, as soon as we get a desk for under the window.

The animals just loooooooooooove this color (they told me), which is perfect since some of their paraphernalia lives in here.

Aaaaand it’s a good color for studying maps (I forgot to take a picture of the giant map I got Stan! Dang!).

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand it will make our bikes look really cool when they’re hanging from ceiling hooks.

Maybe I’ll replace the curtains with a simple white roman shade one day. Thoughts?

I should probably buy another Billy, since this one is already overflowing and I still have more books. Or I could get rid of some stuff.

I also quite like the red clock. I may play up some more red in the room.

Thoughts on the color? Except I don’t want to hear your thoughts if you liked the naked skin color better- I’m not repainting. šŸ™‚