Dear readers, how I love you so. And dear other bloggers, I truly heart you so. I apologize that I’ve been baaaad at reading your blogs lately.

Can I try to make it up to you by offering you a giveaway?

I know how you bloggers are. You’ll blog anywhere- the kitchen table, the front steps, the ledge of the bathtub… And you blog readers are the same way. It’s a sickness.

Well I’m here to help. I’m here to help you afford one of CSN’s lovely computer desks for home. Or maybe you just want a new chair to sit in while you peruse all of us crazies. Or maybe you want some new kitchen equipment so you can make delicious treats to eat while you’re blogging. Or maybe you want some outdoor patio furniture so you can escape from your computer!

The choice is yours. If you win, you’ll get a $45 coupon code to use on any of CSN‘s bazillion sites. Let the commenting begin!


  • Leave a comment to be entered
  • You can leave another one if you’re a follower/subscriber, or become a follower/subscriber
  • Ships only within the US and Canada
  • Oh yeah and it will end at 5pm MST on Monday, March 7