Okay- just throwing this out there: I have the most adorable, squishy-cheeked, pouty-faced, dancing, cartwheeling, weird-stuff-saying nieces and nephews on the planet.

For real. Don’t try to compete with this.

I’d post more pictures, but I don’t want to make everyone jealous.

There was no way I could choose ONE flower girl and ONE ring bearer out of EIGHT nieces and nephews. So I’m having them all, baby (aside from the babies- but they’ll still get matching outfits).

How adorable will it be to have four flower girls in matching yellow handmade sundresses (my mom is awesome), and two little ring bearers in white shorts and yellow polo shirts bustling their way down the aisle? I secretly hope they get in a fight or one of them trips (an injury-free trip of course) or otherwise causes a scene. It would be kind of hilarious. (Probably not really.)

I think it’s funny that Stan is instantly inheriting eight nieces and nephews. He’s a quiet guy, and hadn’t spent a lot of time around kids before me, so it’s been really cute to see how he’s learned to interact with them. Collin (above) calls him “Tsan” (he mixes up sk and st sounds: school=ksool).

Anyhow, what’s your take on flower girls and ring bearers? I’m sure I’m not the first person to have more than one of each.

And how about insta-nieces/nephews? Anyone else out there suddenly find themselves an aunt or uncle to a large (or small!) number of little ones upon getting married?