Have you noticed? I’m in a blog rut. Or I’m high-centered. Yeah, maybe that’s more accurate. I feel like this Pontiac Sunfire at :31

I’ve half-finished about 5478 projects, but since they’re only half-finished, there’s nothing to blog about yet!

I’m also trying to:

  1. lose the “Renovation 15” (you fellow bloggers sometimes seem to lead parallel lives to mine)
  2. train for a half-marathon (see #1)
  3. plan a wedding (which I know should offer some good blog material, but <insert excuse here>)
  4. and a honeymoon (I know, poor me)
  5. do some pre-marital figuring stuff out (don’t worry, nothing bad- just reading through a couple books recommended to us)
  6. enjoy my life without feeling pressured to document everything

That last one, #6, is part of the rut. When I’m not in a rut, it’s a joy to document the most insignificant minutia of my life. And since the writing flows easier, you guys seem to enjoy it more. When I’m in the rut, it’s a chore. When it’s a chore, it’s not even fun to read.

So I think I’m going to wait out the rut. Instead of trying to post 3-5 times a week, I’m going to cut down to however many posts come naturally. I think my dear readers would probably enjoy some quality over quantity anyway, so this is also for you. 🙂 Plus, maybe if I’m not so worried about blogging I can actually get a few things done around here!

And along with my rut, I haven’t been commenting on your wonderful blogs as much. I’m still reading! My creepy little eyes are still prying into your lives and projects and trials and triumphs!

I know what you’re thinking. “Why was it necessary to post this, Amanda? Why don’t you just post less? No one cares if you only post once a week.” Well, that is a good question, smartypants. I don’t know, I guess I just feel a little better letting the world know that I fully intend on kicking the blog up a notch once things settle down a bit.

(And watch, now that I’ve posted this, I’ll probably start coming up with a billion things to blog about. Whatevs.)

Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you post-rut!