I did some edging. It’s not fancy. When my dad comes, he’ll look at it and say “Girl,” (not the sassy way people say “girl”, but my dad’s way… it’s hard to convey with text). Anyway, he’ll say “Girl, you should have turned those bricks on end and buried them! That way you might have actually stopped the grass from spreading into your flower beds!”

Sorry dad, I’m just a little less of an overachiever than you are.

And speaking of my dad real quick, did anyone see his recent comment on how Jonny picked up the accordion? He really set me straight!

Anyhoo, this is how my front beds were looking where bed meets grass. Where Bed Meets Grass… sounds like a hippie novel about the joys of living outside in nature. Dumbest joke ever.

I got these bricks from the pile-o-bricks in the back yard and dug a little to settle them in there.

This weird little side yard area next to the driveway needed some cleaning up. (Here it is last fall.)

With bricks edging the bed (the grass is trying so hard to fill in):

And with blooming tulips!

Nice little free, dirty project to make me feel accomplished!