We ran the half marathon this weekend! Four friends, two boyfriends, and one sister. It was fun but my legs still murder me when I go down stairs. Stan and I came in at 1:59:42. I was bummed that I didn’t beat my time two years ago (1:58:55) but pretty stoked that we came in under two hours. We crossed the finish line holding hands! It was extremely cute. The photographers took a picture of it but I’m not going to pay $44.95 to have one of the fugliest pictures of me in all of existence. Anyway, the race was fun- the challenge now is to continue working out!

Also, I made a quilt. Happy Birthday Wendy! She likes animal print.

I’m kind of mad at Blanche right now because I woke up to a huge mess this morning involving anywhere from 1-3 bodily functions (don’t worry, she’s fine, yes I’m sure). But these pictures  cracked me up, so I’ll forgive her long enough to give her ten minutes of fame.

Stan decided she needed some ear protection.

Don’t mind the mess. I was using the living room as a spot to tie the quilt, which you can see unfinished in the background.

“Get it off. :-(“