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The other day, Stan and I were talking about the back yard. The same one where I accidentally killed everything that was green, then said “Oh well, it was all weeds anyway”, and then dug up and tilled and re-planted it. That one.

Anyway, it’s looking awesome back there. Awesomely green. But there are a TON of weeds still. We did Weed & Feed so maybe that will help some, but we were also thinking we may need to tackle the problem in another way, too, and always use a bag to catch the clippings. It seems like chopping off the tops of weeds and blowing them around the yard is just going to exacerbate the weed problem. (There is a mega amount of weeds. Not just a dandelion here and there. MEGA.)

This is an old pic. It's more filled in now.

And so the decision was made that we needed to buy a new lawnmower. My current one is a freebie that my awesome brother gave me. It runs okay, but it doesn’t have a bag. And since it’s older and kind of obscure, getting a bag would not only be a PITA, but it would be expensive.

So like any other normal couple does on a “nice little Saturday” (name that movie), we went to Home Depot to buy a lawn mower.

We had our sights set on this one:

Yup, it’s a push. I’ve been mowing lawns for quite a few years now, and I know my lawn mowing needs well enough to know that I don’t need a self-propelled jobby. So lay off!!! I know some people can get pretty passionate about how much better their life got when their lawn mower started being able to push itself, but I’m not one of them. The yard is big, but it’s flat, and your efforts to convince me to get a self-propelled mower will fall flat. So yeah, this is our gas mower of choice.

But then I said “Stan, this reel mower has a bag!” I’ve always had visions of my beautiful self getting out in the yard on a nice sunny day and working up a good sweat and feeling awesomely superior for how “green” I am with my reel mower.

But I can hear it now “If you’ve never had to mow with one of those things you DO NOT know what you’re getting into AVOID AVOID AVOID!”

And I’m totally willing to listen to all advice, over-the-top or otherwise. (Except do not try to convince me I need a self-propelled mower.)


  • easier to use?
  • probably a better cut job
  • mulching capabilities
  • $200
  • gotta buy gas
  • gotta fix it and I don’t know much about motors (but oh yeah, I’ll have a husband soon… muahahaha)


  • It has a bag!!!
  • The earth! Think of the earth!!
  • I’ve heard they don’t cut evenly and sometimes you have to go over the same spot 2-3 times. Not cool.
  • $140
  • If it works well, it would be awesome!
  • I like to multi-task and get a little workout in with my yard work
  • Might be just as much maintenance as a gas one, with sharpening the blades, adjusting it, etc. (The blades on this thing touch each other, which dulls them. The blades on a powered mower only touch grass, so it’s my understanding that you don’t have to sharpen them as often.)

Sorry, I totally mixed the pros in with the cons there. You’ll just have to figure out which is which.

Needless to say, we left Home Depot without making a purchase (which someone who I will not name was slightly grumpy about) and are now just trying to read up on mowers and make a decision. Care to vote?