This weekend we did lots of stuff, including:

  • Got rid of a huge eyesore hanging from the side of the house (more on that later)
  • Toured a neighbor’s current reno- I mean they are really in the thick of things!
  • Perused old pictures from when I was really in the thick of things

  • Built a tabletop raised bed for a friend (more on that later)
  • Spent half a day designing invitations and insert cards
  • Hand-addressed half of our wedding invitations
  • BBQed salmon burgers twice and hung out with my friend Becca who I wish would move back here
  • Performed a major cleanup on the patio and made a thrilling time-lapse video of it (I know, it seems like that’s all I ever do- move pavers around and make time-lapse videos of it. But this time I had help, and this time the patio is NOT going to turn into a storage unit again, and this time I used my Wingscapes ProjectCam that the nice folks over at Wingscapes sent me. This time is different.)

No there aren’t two Stans. The other one is Duncan.

  • Ate a delicious Easter dinner
  • Booked our Honeymoon! Well that was last week but it counts. We’re going to Playa del Carmen and I cannot WAIT. I’ve never been on a resort vacation before.

  • Thanks to all of your helpful input, we set up our registry. We chose to use, since you can put anything from any store in the world on there, and also set up a cash fund if you want (still figuring all that out). We also chose not to include the info on our invitations, but to tell our parents so they can spread the word if people ask.

I’m feeling pretty good about the amount of stuff we got done, but also a little overwhelmed by all that there is left to do. My brother-in-law offered to fly me out to Texas for my niece’s baptism and my new nephew’s blessing this weekend (robbers beware- I will have a housesitter so don’t try anything funny). I’m suuuuper excited to go there! But we also kind of made me going out of town the deadline for the invitations (which is probably laughable) and work is busy this week, so we’ll see how much more we can get done.