First, the after:

Now the before:

I got this baby at a consignment store, but the floral fabric and lime green paint job wasn’t really my style.

So I popped the top off and painted it a hott red (California Poppy by Behr). I didn’t use primer and I gave it three coats, in case you’re curious.

I got this fabric at Joann’s (I’m sure I used a coupon so it was probably $5 or so) and cut it down to fit over the cushion. I didn’t even take off the old fabric, I just put it right over.

I stapled the sides first,  and then just kind of fudged the corners. Maybe this helps?

Then I kind of sloppily trimmed off the excess fabric, because that’s how I roll.

Then I reassembled!

It looks pretty different in different lights. I like it in all lights- that’s called unconditional love.

I like the red punch in the blue room, an idea that started with the red clock. Now that I’ve hopped on the red train, I don’t know if I can stop…