We have bikes. Stan has two and I have one. They’re pretty nice bikes. I ride mine a reasonable amount when the weather is nice, and Stan rides his a lot even when the weather is not so nice. He’s hardcore. He helped start the cycling team at the U of U. Here he is looking dashing in his bike jersey after our Saturday activities of riding bikes and giving Blanche a bath.

Anyhoo, the garage isn’t the most convenient place for the bikes at this time, and I’m not a fan of them just standing out in the dining room where they partially block the hallway.

So we came up with a solution. We’ll put them in the guest/office/music/craft/dog/bike room! This room sure has to work hard.

We used some $0.79 bike hooks from HD. Finding a stud was a bit of a challenge, and once we did the placement wasn’t great. They’re about 2″ too close together for the handlebars to not run into each other. But then my handsome scientist had a brilliant idea to flip one of the bikes upside down. Genius. (I’m not sure what that has to do with science but let’s go with it.)

Look at those hott red pedals! They totally go with the theme.

"Hi. I'm an outlet that needs to be replaced and covered. Ignore me."

We still have some rearranging to do in this room, but I think it’s a pretty good solution for a couple of bike-riding yuppie hippies like us.

Oh and as for the third bike- since it’s fancy schmancy and is only ridden occasionally, it will probably have to live in the basement. Sorry Stan.