You guys missing me yet? I’m missing you. I’m way behind on my blog reading and I just wish I never had to do such silly things as sleep.

But I’ve been having fun at least! This past weekend my besties and I rented a minivan and drove down to Las Vegas for my bachelorette party! Don’t worry, we didn’t go totes crazy. But we did totes have fun.

Our hotel was awesome:

And this was our view:

They dressed me up like a bachelorette:

And we owned the town.

Meanwhile back at home, Stan was taking Blanche on hikes, which she decided she’d like to turn into mud baths.

Mmm… firsty for mud.

I’s dirty.

He got her all cleaned up though. (Oh, and did you notice her new summer haircut?)

On an unrelated note, my friend’s brother got me totally coveting these shoes that last week I would have said looked like something from my grandpa’s closet:

But now I NEED them. Thanks a lot, Remmy!

Oh, and ALSO: wedding stuff. Dress fittings, suit tailorings, shoe shoppings, cupcake stand makings, etc. But this weekend we’re doing a walk-through of the place, and I have a feeling that’s when it’s going to hit me how much more there still is to do.