Well, we finally got the garden planted. A combination of busy weekends and unseasonably wet, cold weather delayed its planting until this past weekend, but whew! It’s in and I can relax now that the threat of not having fat, juicy, garden fresh tomatoes this summer is gone.

Also, the lawn is coming in BALLER. Anyone doubting getting an awesome lawn from seed needs to check themselves before they wreck themselves.

Here it is toward the beginning of spring (note the bare area on the left):

And here is the lush lawn now (note the not-bare area to the left where Blanche is standing):

Also note where I threw a clump of mud at the garage.

Let’s take a closer look at that not-bare area on the left side of the yard:

Two raised beds full of tomatoes, basil, melon, and squash; two zucchinis in that little jutted out part on the left; and a row of climbing beans along the fence. And some marigolds because I heard somewhere once that they are good. Also, stepping stones (slowly finding homes for all the pavers) and mulch for easy access and a finished look. Oh yeah and a few weeks back I added the brick border.

I can already taste the fleshy tomatoes exploding in my mouth.

Oh! And I went shoe shopping. My budget said no but an REI gift card I won said yes.

And Larainy, you were right- these are Sperry top-siders! Your husband has excellent taste.