Stan is slowly starting to get his stuff moved into my (almost our) house. Not that he has a ton of stuff… the man is practically a snail. (Get it? Because he could carry his home on his back. That metaphor was totally sub-par.)

But still, a stack of books here, a bike  there, it’s nice to get a head-start. Especially since his lease is up two days after our wedding, at which time we’ll be sunning ourselves in Mexico. And no, he can’t move in beforehand. 😀

We found a little nook for his bookshelf and filled it with our most interesting books, since it’s out in the living room and we want people to be impressed by our unique and though-provoking reading selection.

You’ll also notice that Stan swapped out the prints in those frames for some instant DIY pressed flower art with flowers from our yard (snow in summer). They haven’t molded yet, and they’re a nice change for spring.

Anecdote: See that ceramic pot? That appeared on my porch one day, out of nowhere. Inside was a paper booklet of the Gospel of John. It’s definitely a hand-thrown pot. Any ideas? Is there a Christian group out there that gives away handmade pots with various Gospels inside? It’s a cool pot and a handy way to take some Biblical reading on the go, so I’m not complaining- just curious.

In another corner, I sold the cute little desk that was here.

(See what it looked like here.)

I loved that desk, but all it did was acquire crap and was never used as an actual desk. It went to a little girl who will hopefully do lots of homework and art projects on it. What we really need is something we can put Stan’s sweet 70’s stereo and speaker on. He’s not convinced this is the best spot for a stereo, but I am. 🙂 Maybe a credenza? A sideboard? Another piece of furniture that no one besides house bloggers knows about?

It’s exciting to see my house start to fill up with his stuff, and to know I don’t need to return anything to his house (Staaaan that cookbook has been sitting here waiting for you to take it home for weeks!). Plus now I can really start to hold him accountable for not putting stuff away.

I have some more stuff to say about how excited I am to marry this man and start the next chapter of our lives together, and how I’m excited to get to do his laundry (NOT! lol) but my brain is drained. But for serious, I love this guy. He makes the stress of the wedding worth it.