Who would have ever thought that the first room in the house to actually be “finished” would be the guest room? Not me. But for some reason, leading up to the wedding it had been a nagging little priority- maybe more subconsciously than not. I think I wanted to make sure that Stan would have somewhere to study or do whatever (he gave me “the look” when I said “do his homework” as if I were his mom and embarrassed him in front of his friends… but hey, he’s in school!) even though in reality he rarely brings work/school home with him; he just stays at school longer if he needs to. But still, I thought it would be nice.

This room has to seriously multitask. Seriously. Our house is a scant 816 square feet, and I feel lucky to even have two bedrooms, but “first-world Amanda” says that one extra room is kind of minimum!

Here is a list of this room’s functions:

  • Guest room
  • Office
  • Sewing/craft room
  • Library
  • Music room
  • Bike storage room
  • Pet room

Put that in your pipe and smoke it!

Yes, everything is pushed up against the walls, which is kind of a decorating “no no”. But it’s really nice in this room, because there’s plenty of room to maneuver the bikes and plenty of room for the guest bed, and if you’re doing a craft, you can spread it out all over the floor and leave it for weeks on end finish the craft and put everything away in a timely manner.

Let’s go through these one by one, shall we?


I got this little drawer unit thingy from Ikea, and it wasn’t cheap. In fact I nearly puked paying $80 (yes I know I’m a tight wad) for it, but in the end I knew it was the best solution so I bit the bullet. I already had one of those cheapo $7 tabletops and the four legs from Ikea, so I just got another tabletop to make one long desk separated by the drawer unit. The shredder lives here for now, although we might move it to the bookshelf when we get an outlet on that wall. This is also going to be the permanent home for the laptops, so that the kitchen counter and living room aren’t cluttered with power cords. Hallelujah.

Sewing/craft room (see above picture)

Well, it’s pretty self-explanatory that the left side of the mega-desk is for sewing. See that sewing machine?

The other part of the sewing/craft function resides on the bookshelf, where some Ikea boxes hold extra fabric and supplies quite nicely.

Bike storage room:

Already blogged about that here.

Music room:

I stained a piece of pine to try and match the bookshelf, and my mom gave me those cool shelf brackets last time I was home. My music resides in those (you guessed it) Ikea magazine files, and for now is also the home of Stan’s guitar. Of course the piano is on this wall too, and my red hot bench.

Pet room:

My least favorite function this room must serve, but you do what you have to do. The cat box lives behind the closet door, and Blanche’s food lives under the bikes. (When we take the bikes down, we naturally lift them out, so there’s not really a danger of a bike landing in kibble.) One day, we’ll put a doggy door in the kitchen door (which stays closed most of the time) so we can put the cat box down in the basement. One thing at a time. Oh, and Jesse’s food is in the living room, where the floor is hard so Blanche is too scared to walk there to go eat it. True story. Proof here.


Yep, that’s a book shelf. Not much else to say about that. (Except that I obviously have a lot to learn about taking photos with a DSLR.)

The last function is the Guest room, and yes, I actually set up the bed for the sole purpose of taking pictures of it. I can’t believe it.

I even moved the piano bench over to serve as a night stand! I’m so hospitable.

It’s funny, because it didn’t really cross my mind that I should finish this room in time for guests- it just kind of happened that way. Two of my very best friends from growing up came and stayed with me for the wedding, so I’m glad that they got to sleep in an organized (though admittedly cramped and hopefully not too chaotic) room.

But even funnier (and a little sad) is that I could not for the life of me find the pump to the air bed! So they had to sleep on our camping pads. So sorry, girls! (I’ve found it since then. It was still in my suitcase from our Las Vegas trip.)

We’ve actually been sleeping in this room for the past couple of nights, because there’s something afoot in our bedroom. Stay tuned.

So there you have it. The guest/music/craft/sewing/office/library/pet/bike room!