I don’t really know what I was thinking when I chose that fairy princess purple color for my bedroom way back when I first bought the house. I think that living like such a boxcar hobo (remember where I used to bathe?) made me crave a girly space.

But with the addition of a husband and better living conditions, I was ready (and he was ready) to move on to a more refined look.

An improvement over “I’m six and I love those creepy Barbie animated movies”, right? (Sorry Rachel, but you know it’s true- those things give me nightmares!)

But I do worry that it’s a little too manly. We need to add some color to this baby, pronto. The walls are bare, bare, bare.

Also with the new husband came this cool old dresser that used to be at his grandparents’ summer cabin. Handy Standy (just trying out some nicknames) took it upon himself to refinish it with Shellac (which, by the way, is made from bugs).

I love its warm tone.

You’ll also notice that we did some experimenting with the little side table/night stands. I wanted to strip the paint and refinish the top and sides a la Aubrey and Lindsay, but did you know that pine is a very soft wood and is very hard to strip? After making a giant mess with some citrus-y stripper, we abandoned ship and just re-painted. The tops and sides are Behr Dolphin Fin leftover from the bathroom, and the drawer fronts are the same Gray Squirrel as the walls. We thought a tone-on-tone thing could be cool. Still deciding what I think of it.

Oh and Stan also contributed a new bed with a headboard to the relationship. Score!

We may leave the curtains off. They are currently in the donation pile, because it just feels a little cleaner and more minimalist without them. True, they helped disguise the fact that the window isn’t centered, but I think with some art on the walls and lamps it may help balance things out and distract from that.

You can see the bedrooms I like (many of them deep-toned) here and here.