Life since our wedding has been a bit of a whirlwind full of thank-you notes,  extra sodas (and therefore extra pounds- SIX in a month to be exact and yes I’m serious), mountain trips, eating outside, draping wet bandanas over us so we can sleep at night (with no cooling system at all, our house stays at a balmy 84 degrees most nights), bedtime Scrabble-playing (sometimes I let Stan win :-D), getting back into the swing of work/cleaning the house/blogging…

Here is a scientifically-proven-to-be-boring picture from our last backpacking trip in the gorgeous Uinta mountains:

And now for some random happenings and goals:

  • August is officially clean car month. I cleaned her up good last night, and you’ll never guess what I found: a boutonniere from the wedding (possibly two). Also, three glass soda bottles rattling around the floorboards on the passenger side. Trash can on wheels no more!
  • August is also officially “drop the ‘Marriage Six’ month”. A friend of a friend started a friendly (oh, it’s ON) Biggest Loser competition and eleven girls have put in $5 each. That means I could win $50 if I’m able to resist eating four Creamies each night after dinner!

Go ahead. Stop running. Make my day.

  • My friend Lindsay’s Ph.D project has to do with studying female body image in the media, and she is doing some cool stuff! Did you know that Utah has the most plastic surgery per capita? “Vainest state”- no joke! It’s common to see billboards like this while driving through the city:

Classy, eh?


But Lindsay and her sister have pooled together enough money for twelve billboards throughout Utah that look like this!

Much better!

I love the work these beautiful women are doing. Learn more at Beauty Redefined. You can see more billboards on their site, too.

  • Does it make me a hypocrite to talk about wanting to lose six pounds and then in the next bullet point female body image? Well give me a break- it’s not like I’m getting lip injections. I just want to fit into my clothes properly again and have an incentive to stop drinking four sodas a day and go running and generally be healthy.
  • I saw the whole Pinterest Challenge thing a bit too late but I think it’s awesome! Maybe I’ll give myself another week and meet back here next Tuesday to show you something I made from Pinterest- that is, if I can narrow something down!
  • We saw Lyle Lovett in concert! Thanks Aunt and Uncle Jelly.
  • Still working on decorating the bedroom.
  • We’re also adding a ton of outlets and re-wiring a lot of the house. It currently has “knob and tube” (ie: old) wiring so we’re bringing it up to date. Having an electrician for a father-in-law is double plus good.
  • I’m contemplating doing NaNoWriMo this year. That stands for National Novel Writing Month. It’s in November, and you guessed it- you write a novel in a month.
  • I’ve only changed my name in one place. That makes me pretty lazy, considering it’s only a 2-step process:

  • I’m back to reading your blogs on a regular basis, but my commenting has been a little lacking. Sorry guys.
  • Lana is my new favorite person to follow on Pinterest.