Here is our patio.

I spent weeks rebuilding and refinishing (again) the patio table set that we’d previously spent hours refinishing and repainting, but more on that later. (Hint: the table is now coffee table height.)

There are obviously a few things wrong with it, and we have lots of little things to do, but for now I was kind of brainstorming ways to make it feel more intimate. Our yard goes back about 90 or 100 feet I think, which is awesome, but it also means that making cozy intimate spaces, or “outdoor rooms”, is a bit of a challenge.

See? Big!

I love the little stone seats that Sara put in a corner of her patio. It helps to close it in as well as- duh- giving people a place to sit.

I was looking for more of a quick fix, so I pulled out some pots and some old wooden crate things that I’d dragged off the side of the road (hoarding is good!) and made a little “wall”. You can still see the fountain when you’re sitting at the table, but it gives a nice little separation so you feel like you’re in a room.

The difference is subtle in pictures, but it has a whole new feeling in real life.

Here is my horrific rendering of how I’d like the patio to progress:

I’d like hosta in that whiskey barrel (such a great wedding present), a fence between the patio and the driveway, and some virginia creeper growing up those 50’s curlicues, please.

Also, I planted this pot and was kind of proud of it. Tall plant + trailing plant = a pretty planting!

And for one last finishing touch, we hung up some lantern lights that we’d forgotten we had. We actually bought them a long time ago for the wedding, then decided that to try to decorate Cactus & Tropicals would be to mess with perfection.

They look cool here though, and they help to visually enclose the patio even more. I think we need to have a bbq.

Does anyone else have any tricks for making large spaces more intimate? (I definitely don’t have this problem inside the house!)