When we left off with Part 1 of the fence building project, we had a fence that was on its way to being completed.

And here it is completed!

Excuse the non-staged photo, but I thought someone (cough Sara cough) might murder me if I didn’t get a finished pic up today.

Here’s another view so you can see how we now have a nice closed-in feeling across from the patio.

In pictures you can still totally see through the privacy slats, but I promise that in real life it feels very contained and private.

Next up is planting some flowers and shrubs in front of it and trying to train some more Virginia Creeper to grow on it.

*As a result of several comments (which I am not deleting), I have decided to remove the rest of this post. Apparently we have incriminated ourselves and whether commenter JoeKnows means “It’s a good thing your address isn’t readily available because you have broken several laws…..” as a threat or not, I am taking it as such.

I simply wanted to tell our story as a learning experience. I wanted to discuss neighborliness and general human understanding, and warn others to always discuss things with their neighbors, no matter how nice you think you’re being.

I welcome comments, even if they don’t agree with me. But it is also my right to respond to those comments and try to explain myself (which I thought I did in a diplomatic manner). Also, comments that are accusatory rather than constructively critical tend to illicit charged responses from protective older brothers and friends who know us, and there’s nothing I can do about that. So please keep that in mind if you plan to comment in such a manner.

And please feel free to comment constructively.