In our quest to finish off the bedroom one chunk at a time (and with some help from some wedding gifts) we bought a pretty new capiz chandelier.

It’s from World Market. Since Martha Stewart’s Gray Squirrel made the room pretty manly, I wanted to add some *~*sparkle*~*.

You know how people talk about that “collected over time” look? Well, we are actually collecting things over time. We obviously still need lamps and stuff.

Here it is glowing at night:

I love it. And when the window is open (or if we turn on our fabulous new swamp cooler) it blows around like a faint windchime. So nice! That and our fountain, which is right outside the window, make for some really relaxing late summer sleeping.

In other news, we watched The Graduate this weekend. I kinda liked it, though it was weird. And what is with the ending? Did they live happily ever after or not??

I hope you all had a lovely weekend!