Stan the Man has another nickname. Okay, so it’s mostly used by my family. It stems from our wedding night, when we left the reception and were greeted by our adorably decorated car. (Thank goodness they had gone the classy route and only used car paint and removable things- I would have been pretty T.O.ed if we’d had to go to the car wash and scrub off Easy Cheese and Oreos in our wedding clothes.)

Anyway, it was covered in streamers and balloons and was just darn cute.

After we inspected the work and laughed, I said “There’s no way Safety Stan is going to drive off with the car like this.” Everyone thought that name was hilarious (funny ’cause it’s true). And sure enough, we removed the streamers and balloons so the windows were clear before we made our dramatic exit. (But don’t worry, we kept the paint for a solid few weeks afterward- which generated lots of honking and congratulatory waving. I was almost sad to wash it off.)

Along those lines, Safety Stan is also very concerned with PPE (personal protective equipment) and I have received many a scolding for not wearing safety glasses, gloves, and my respirator.

So when the peeps at EarPeace asked if we wanted to review their product, I said “Yes please.”

At first I was a little confused by it, because it’s not meant to protect your ears from things like jackhammers. It’s more for things like concerts, when you still want to hear the music but don’t want to walk away deaf.Ā  So far I have used mine for three things:

  1. When the fire alarm went off at work. Since it comes in a sweet aluminum case, I can keep it in my purse. I was glad to have them so that I could leave the building without wanting to strangle someone.
  2. Waiting for Stan to pick me up after work on the street corner. Buses and traffic are actually super loud.
  3. While trying to concentrate at work. Since I don’t have a bonafide office with a door, it’s easy to get distracted by every little conversation. It might be awkward if someone calls my name from across the room and I don’t hear them though.

Stan has used his in the lab where he spends a large portion of his time. It’s a work environment that’s not exactly blaring in your ears, but there is a constant whirring noise that is probably loud enough that to speak in a normal voice with someone you’d want to be within ten feet of one another. And funny enough, two of his coworkers saw his EarPeace thingies and got excited about getting some for themselves.

Things I like about them:

  • They are pretty discreet (although if I were trying to pick up dudes in a nightclub I don’t think I’d wear them- they’re not quite that discreet).
  • I usually wear those disposable yellow ones at concerts (which look awesome- not) but I’m excited to try these.
  • They still let some sound through.
  • You honestly don’t feel like you’re underwater- maybe that’s because parts of them are thin enough for your ears to “breathe”? I don’t know.
  • They are silicone so if you get earwax on them (ewwwwww) I’m pretty sure you can just rinse them off, whereas those yellow disposable ones kind of absorb the wax. Yum.
  • The carrying case is a huge plus because you can easily- well, carry them anywhere. This type of thing doesn’t do much good if it’s always just sitting at home in a drawer. I keep mine in my purse.

I think most people don’t really realize just how much damage we do to our ears every day by normal activities- myself included. But people aren’t exactly going to wear ear plugs walking down the street (and plus being that isolated from all sound makes me nervous). I like how these still let sound through.

Their website is pretty informative. My overall take on this product is that it’s probably not something I would have sought out myself (remember, it’s Stan who is the safetly-concscious one, not me). But after doing a little research on hearing damage (and just realizing how irritated I get by loud noises) I’m happy to keep mine in my purse and put them in when necessary. And if I worked in a place like Stan’s lab, I would definitely wear them a lot.

And Dad, I love you, but oh how I wish you’d had these for all those years of working in the lab at the wallboard plant. šŸ™‚