Well hello there. Today I’m reviewing a canvas from Easy Canvas Prints. As is probably pretty obvious, this company puts your pictures on canvas.

When they contacted me, I knew right away which photo I wanted. We’re not really ones to put pictures of ourselves up all over the house, and especially not a bunch of staged wedding pictures, but there is one favorite that I knew I had to have. And since I was only getting the 8×10, I figured it wouldn’t scream “WE GOT MARRIED. SEE? SEE THE PICTURE OF US GETTING MARRIED?” (Although I may change my mind and start becoming one of “those people”, because this I love this one so much.)  I put this photo at the top of this post, and here it is on canvas:

I love this photo for a few reasons. One, I love the colors and how the light and shadows go across the path. I also love how there are potted plants, and if you look closely you can see some price tags and plant info sticks. I’m not really sure why I like that detail; I guess just because how how casual it makes our wedding feel. It’s almost like we were going there to pick up some plants and happened to get married! (Heh… okay, maybe not really.)

But my favorite part of this picture is  that I remember this exact moment so well. I remember a lot of moments from that night, but for some reason this one sticks out to me. This photo was one of the first ones taken of us after the ceremony, and it was more spontaneous than some of the others (although I loved those too). I remember feeling a little rushed to take the photos and not keep our guests waiting too long (the were starting to trickle outside when this one was taken) and also surprised that it ended up being my favorite one. I think this one captures the whole evening the very best. Just two people, wandering around a garden after getting married. Which is basically what we did for the rest of the night; this one just captures the two of us before we were swept into the loving congratulations of our guests.

Jeez Amanda, get back to the review! Okay. So I thought Easy Canvas Prints did a great job. The colors are good, it was true to the preview and it’s good quality.

One thing I will mention is that you probably shouldn’t get a print where your faces will be so small. Canvases are bumpy, so it kind of makes your face look weird when you look up close:

But since we will likely not get closer than a foot or so, I think it’s fine. I will say that I have two canvas prints from (gasp!) a competitor, and they are shinier and maybe a little smoother. But I kind of like the natural texture (it might depend on the photo, too).

The other thing I liked was that the wrap is a mirror image, so the sides of your photo don’t get cropped and used for the wrap. See the mirroring?

Although that’s personal preference, I think. Below are the canvases I already had, and I can’t decide if I like how the photo continues onto the edge or if I’d rather it be a mirror image.

Either way, the Easy Canvas Print site was easy to navigate and use. I love our print. Stay tuned to see where it will go!