My birthday is like that last pushup that you’re determined to finish after you’ve run 4 miles (Christmas shopping), done some yoga headstands (laboriously poring over Hotwire to find flights that won’t put you in the poor house), done some abs (making Christmas cards), lifted some weights (making Christmas dinner), and done some sprints (making it through Christmas with the fam without too many divisive political discussions…hehe). By the time my birthday comes along, everyone, including me, is spent.

Although I’m saying all this partially because I love whining and so you’ll all feel sorry for me, I’m also saying it for my wonderful family and friends. They’re the ones who make the extra special effort to make sure that my birthday doesn’t get forgotten, and I truly appreciate it. (As a kid, my mom even made sure to wrap my presents in non-Christmas paper!) I just love you guys. It’s also my “special birthday” or whatever you call it- I’m 27 on the 27th!

Any other December birthdays out there?