January 2012

As I’m sure you know, today is Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, where we keep in mind Dr. King and the others who have worked so hard for our civil rights. I’m not going to write very much about that, because we all know how awesome they are and how much better our world is today because of them. So just in case you forgot why you have the day off today (or not), there you go.

My next item of business is that it snowed again. Yes, that’s big news, because it hasn’t snowed since the last time I posted almost ten days ago. I’m starting to worry about where Larainy is going to get her water for next summer! The only good part is that without snow, we were able to go trail running yesterday (trail running- without mud- in January!) and now my buns are sooooore. Bum- baring bikini, here I come! (Just kidding. I try to find the most bum-covering swimwear I can find, no matter how steely my buns are).

And last but not least, Lauren is hosting a linky party about embarrassing stories, and you should all attend. I shared my old standby “Most Embarrassing Yard Sale” story, and there are some other good ones too. I suggest you head on over there!


It’s been pretty much a snowless winter in SLC so far this year. The mountains have received some, but the valley has been pretty much “dry as a popcorn fart” as my brother would say. This has been wonderful for my lazy side who doesn’t like shoveling snow and picking out snow-approprate footwear, but it’s pretty bad for the ski resorts and for, you know, water supply for next summer.

So my wise, I-want-to-go-skiing side was thrilled to see this outside my window this morning:

It also happens to be doofer the dogger’s favorite weather.

Sure is pretty.

Back indoors, things are not so pretty.

We’re in the midst of some major de-junk and purge action. MAJOR.

I’m hungry.