For what? Don’t you love how my post title just titillated you and you just had to find out? No? You’re only still here because you’re my mom and you feel like you have to check my blog even though I haven’t posted anything in weeks anyway? Oh.

Well, there’s a reason for the absence. There’s also a reason for the dejunking.

And for the fact that our nightstands have been sold and replaced by two laundry baskets and we’ve found ourselves living like vagrants again. (Yes, again.)

The reason is that I’ve been keeping a secret that the internet couldn’t be in on just yet, because I had to give my notice at work first to avoid an awkward “So, Amanda, so-and-so read your blog and/or looked on your facebook… anything you want to tell me?” conversation with my boss.

Are you ready for the secret yet??

Here it is.

We’re moving. We’re moving far away. Like, pretty much as far away as you can move (I’m not sure, because I haven’t actually done the calculation, but I’m pretty sure Stan has).

This is where we’re moving to:

It’s near this:

These live somewhere relatively close by as well:

And here is our new city on a map:

That’s right, folks. We’re moving down under. In about a month. (“What? That’s crazy!”) I know. <dramatic pause with mouth hanging open like a valley girl> I know.

We’ll sure miss our home in the mountains.

But it’s pretty darn hard to turn down an opportunity like this one.

And come on- they have kangaroos!