I’ve been horrible about updating you all on our move progress. That’s probably because I’ve been procrastinating and hadn’t done much until very recently. Bless his heart, Stan is much more… conscientious?… than I am, and has been starting to go through stuff and make home repairs for weeks now. I’m more the type to put it off, and then pull a couple all-nighters right before a deadline. Healthy, right?

Anyhoo, we’re still over the moon about this adventure. But along with procrastinating the tasks, I realized that I have been procrastinating the sadness. I’ve been having mini-breakdowns at very inappropriate times (while sitting at my desk at work, gassing up my car, etc.) thinking of all the stuff that we’re going to miss in the next three years. My brother brought his family down from Idaho to visit us one last time, and squeezing those little kids’ cheeks really set me off. When we return, so much will be different. Their cheeks seem to dramatically reduce in size with age, and I’m not okay with that happening without me being here to test the progress with a pinch every once in a while.

So far, I’ve mostly thought of our new life. I’ve thought about what it will be like to live near a beach, in a city that’s a little bigger and more urban than my current one, and to have to start from scratch to make friends. At the same time, I’ve also had a mental block and my subconscious has convinced me that it’s just a vacation and I’ll somehow magically not miss things like my friend Candice’s wedding and family trips. We’ve been making the rounds with family, including my mom coming to stay with us which was so much FUN and reminded me that I’m never too old to need my momma. Life is good. Too good. And I’m starting to realize the limitations of Skype.

Skype can’t transmit sticky fingers or endearingly awkward side-hugs. IPads don’t have cute pigtails.

You can’t use Skype to clean your grandpa’s house and go to lunch with him like you’ve been doing once a month for over a year.

No more calling or texting Jonny on a whim to say something like “Metamucil is sure an amazing product.” You know why? Because when I get that urge, he’ll be asleep, and besides that text messages probably cost an arm and a leg!

And as much as I want to force the girls to take me along via Skype/iPad to every girls’ night and bachelorette party, I admit that could get cumbersome.


It’s true that moving overseas is a lot less scary now than it probably was 20 years ago. But I think I’ve been falsely comforting myself with that fact. The truth is I’m going to miss this place and the people in it, no matter the technology. I’m going to miss out on stuff. I know I’m whining and this is an awesome opportunity and there’s no way we could say no and everything. I truly do, and I am very very excited. Just keepin’ it real.

Here is a photo of two sad things: patches in the wall where our artwork was, and the empty guest bed where my mom was staying, with her on a plane.

This time in two weeks, we’ll be in our new city probably recovering from jet lag, and I have a feeling I won’t know what hit me. Wish me luck?