I’ve lived without a car before, and I’ll admit that given the choice I’d rather have one. But we don’t really want to rush into buying one down here until we find “the one”, so our search has been casual at best.

Shopping is… interesting. Especially when on top of groceries, I’m trying to buy things like dishes and other housewares for our new place. Each purchase, even something seemingly small like a set of sheets, has an impact on my journey home.

Stan is comfortable enough with his masculinity to endorse those pink striped sheets. Am I a lucky gal or what?

It’s probably good for the ol’ budget to go grocery shopping on a bike, because I can only buy what I can squeeze into my messenger bag. (But boy do I test its limits!)

Sure I could get panniers or a basket or something, but then I’d have to get an adorable dog wearing a beret to ride around in it.

Here is a pile of stuff I bought in two trips:

You might notice that there are some heavy items in there. Like the mortar and pestle. I don’t know of any of you have ever hauled a hunk of granite 2.6 km under the antipodean sun, but let’s just say there was no guilt over that ice cream float I enjoyed. None whatsoever.

Of course, hilarious as it might be, I’m not about to try and push a fridge home in a stolen shopping cart or dolly, or hitch a ride with a stranger in a truck with my couch. We have some big stuff to buy, and that’s why today I’m renting a “ute”. For one glorious 24-hour period, I will be able to drive to my heart’s content (well, within a 150 km limit) and stock that thing to the brim. (BTW, ute = pickup.) I’m a little terrified of the fact that my first driving experience in a new country on the wrong side of the road is going to be in a rented ute, but let’s just not think about that.

My cheaponess can’t handle even Ikea prices, so I’ve already arranged to buy a bed and a washer off of Gumtree (the Craigslist equivalent). I’m hoping we’ll be able to score a couch and a fridge as well, and maybe some night stands and/or a coffee table if we’re really lucky.

I’ll share the full list of what we need to buy, as well as our budget, in another post. In the meantime, wish us luck!

(PS- My brother-in-law Alex has helped someone move using only bikes. We’re not that hardcore.)