I like to think that our marriage is free from binding traditional stereotypes that could hinder our progress. Case in point:

Yeah, I’m the truck driver in our relationship. I’m okay with that.

But you may notice that my smile in the above photo is more of a forced smirk. I was not having fun that day. I was having so much not fun, that later when politely asked how moving went, I couldn’t even lie. I think I just made a face and shook my head and commented on the weather.

It all started when I had to walk 6.2 kilometers across the city to get to the rental place. It’s supposed to be fall here right now, but it’s more of a swampy  sunshiney summer feeling. Walking almost four miles across town with my sunscreen melting off into my shirt collar wasn’t a good way to start things off. Then, when I got to the place, I couldn’t see the entrance. It was surrounded by a big iron fence, and finally I had to make an idiot of myself (AGAIN) and call the guy and say, “I’m standing outside and there’s no way in, mate!” It took two phone calls.

When I finally got in the “ute”, I felt like someone was pranking me. It is sooo weird to find yourself in a situation that is weirdly familiar, yet totally different from what you’re used to. Everything was there- the gear shifter, the blinker, the rear-view mirror… but I was like “Whoahhh… this is not correct.” People who say opposite driving is not that different must have superpowers. It was different.

I turned on the GPS and after a silent prayer I was off! I’d arranged to go and buy a bed and a washing machine that night, off of Gumtree. The GPS, which was still on pedestrian mode, was useless. After turning on the windshield wipers instead of the blinker about six times (trust me, you feel like a total idiot with your wipers on in an intersection, on a blistering hot sunny day) I pulled over and called Stan, sobbing. (By the way, the utilities people were supposed to come and we had to be home at all times between the hours of 7am and midnight. I know ridiculous. So that’s why he wasn’t with me.) He told me it was okay, that I didn’t need to go get all that stuff tonight, we’d just extend the rental, and to just come home. He’s such a gem. But being the cheapo that I am, and also being a flighty human whose emotions are capable of turning on a dime, told him that I just needed to bawl to him a little and then I would be fine. And it’s true- I was fine. So the bed and a washing machine/dryer combo purchases were a success. Go me.

Here is our bed.

And here is our washer/dryer combo.

It’s interesting. It doesn’t vent like a regular dryer and it takes like 3 hours to dry clothes. I’m sure we’ll be using the clothesline on our patio most of the time, but it’s nice to have this ol’ pig for when it’s raining.

The next day, we were scheduled to go look at a couch that we’d also found on Gumtree. I’d been told that it had “some marks but not too noticeable! :-)” but it looked pretty good from the pictures. You guys, it’s gross. The “marks! :-)” turned out to be where someone had apparently lain down every day for six months after a long hard indoor workout with no ventilation. But we’d driven so far, and we only had the ute for a little while, so we felt pressured to just get it. Ugh. I regret it, but not enough to rent another ute and try to get rid of it and get a new one. I bought a slipcover and it’s not a nice one like I had before (they’re not paying me to say that). So if anyone has any suggestions on how to make a dumpy slipcovered couch look a little nicer, I’m all ears.

The last big thing we needed was a fridge. Everyone I’d called the night before was flaking on me, so I started calling on any and all fridges on Gumtree. We found one, picked it up, and drove home. Then we drove the ute back and walked home. Then we collapsed or something- I can’t really remember.

Sigh… I’m just so glad the big stuff has all been moved. I feel like we’ve just been bleeding money, even though we got everything used and I feel like for pretty good deals. Here’s the tally:

$280: Solid wood bed including mattress (sorry if you’re sicked out by other people’s beds)

$350: LG washer/dryer combo

$100: Gross couch

$190: Fridge

Plus a bunch of stuff from Target and Ikea.

And there was another exciting development this weekend, which will make it a lot easier to get the rest of the things we need/want, like a dining table and chairs, coffee table, chairs, etc!

Here’s a sneak peak:

Representin’ with our UofU sticker! And Science, of course.