I told Stan I can die happy now, because I have seen both a koala and a kangaroo (or a wallaby?). Last weekend we went to Belair National Park just outside of Adelaide. The weather was gorgeous, and it was hardly even crowded (except at the picnic sites and cricket ovals).

Here I am on a walkway:

And if you think THAT’s cute, wait till you see this guy:

I MEAN COME ON!! I was squealing (mostly silently, because I didn’t want to wake him).Β  We were actually pretty far away; all of these were taken with the zoom lens. Those little guys like to sleep waaaay up high.

Don’t worry, we didn’t make noise or be obnoxious hoping to elicit a response, we just let him snooze. However, we totally lucked out and caught this one in motion!

Since koalas spend most of the day sleeping and lazing about, I was pretty stoked to see one move. Then he noticed us.

He totally looks like he’s slightly annoyed and saying, “What.”

One more: