I’m actually a pretty big fan of “small space living”. Especially if I have an outdoor area (preferably a big yard, but a small patio will do for now). I’m also a fan of open floorplans and creating different “zones” in one big room. It feels cozy but not isolated.

In our “lounge room” as it’s known down here, we have to fit in an entryway, a living room, and a little dining nook. Below is my first stab at a layout.

It looks like there’s a lot of wasted space near the top, but I assure you the room is not that big. Plus, with a door and a short hallway, I think it would be bad feng shui to put any furniture there and impede the flow of the doorways.

Of course so far, the only things we have are a couch, a coffee table and two side tables, and two neat dining chairs I picked up yesterday. Now that we have the basics for eating (couch + coffee table = a just dandy impromptu dining room) and a place to drop our keys and mail (one of the side tables) I can relax a little more on finding things like comfy living room chairs, an actual dining table, a bookshelf, and a real console table for key-dropping. Oh and stuff for the walls.

So until the Gumtree gods smile down on me with a cute small table, this is where we’ll eat dinner:

And as always, if anyone has any genius ideas for the layout, I’m listening! Anyone else been drooling over the Small Cool entires? (Especially Yellow Brick Home’s!?)