One perk of having my brother-in-law live in our house is that we get periodic updates. News! Word! Photographs! Of our beloved home!

Can I just whine for a second? It’s spriiiiiiiing back home. All in all, we got to experience five total days of spring this year before coming to this strange land where the seasons are reversed and the deer hop instead of run. As the weather gets cooler and rainier here, it’s kind of fun in a sick sort of way to see how beautiful our yard back home is looking.

Look at our glowing Japanese beauty:

There’s a good mix of purchased plants and free starts, and it’s all exploding.

Remember the parking strip? (Also known as the “verge”)

Oh, back yard, how I miss you and your green pastures (even though I kinda sorta killed part of you last year… don’t worry, Duncan is probably a more competent gardener).

Meanwhile down under…


I actually like the rain. If only I could be in two places at once.

Jesse says hi!