On June 4, we welcomed our daughter June Ariane into the world.

Her name isn’t June because she was born in June (which everyone asks, understandably I guess), we just liked the name. Ariane is after her great grandmother on Stan’s side. Hopefully our June will inherit some of her independence and spunk!


After a long labor (wherein the epidural decided to wear off between about 5 and 8 centimetres, at which point my doctor said that was looking like as far as my body would take me) I had to go in for a C section. Definitely not what I had planned on, but I’m just grateful it was an option.

We sure love our little girl, and she’s growing by leaps and bounds! Here are a few pictures:

Mom and June at the hospital:





My heart melts:



Little baby package



Tummy time with dad





Milk drunk:


Not so sure about the bath:



Hiking with dad:


I think she’s getting enough to eat!



My mom has just been for a visit, and we had an amazing time. I miss that woman, and June misses her Nana!



My daughter is going to be a strong, independent woman. But she can still wear an adorable pink headband, right?



Starting to smile…





Smile maybe:


There it is!



And if you are curious, the spot on her forehead is a hemangioma. It’s a type of birthmark that can show up after the baby is born, then can grow for six months or so, then slowly disappears. Apparently 10% of babies have them, and they are harmless unless they start obstructing vision or air passages or something. So now you know!

I have learned a couple of things in the past seven weeks. 1. Taking care of a baby is every bit as hard as everyone says it is. Sleep deprivation and crazy hormones are no joke. 2. Living this far from family is HARD. Since Junebug decided to come a little early, and also since I am kind of an idiot, my mom didn’t come until June was a month old. Those first two weeks were absolutely the hardest of my life. Fortunately we have some great friends that have made it bearable, and things have gotten easier. A word to the wise: if someone offers to help you, even if you are embarrassed that you need it, say yes! Embarrassment be damned; you will feel amazing after someone washes your dishes or takes your baby for a walk so you can catch a nap. Then you can concentrate more on loving and enjoying your little bundle. 3. It is so, so worth it. I fall in love with this girl (and her dad) in new ways all the time.

One more picture for good measure: June the bear braves the Australian winter.