Our little bug is almost five months old!


In some ways it has flown and in other ways I am quite proud of myself for making it this far. I remember saying to a friend with a smallish baby before (hi, Jessica!), “I mean… I’ve been pretty tired in my life. When I was in school I had a job with a 6am start time, was taking a full class load, was an R.A., and did a few other hours at another job. I don’t see how being a parent could be much more exhausting than that period in my life.” I think I remember her blinking, looking thoughtful, and saying something polite. You are so nice, Jessica. Now, it’s obvious: at that point in my life, if I reached my breaking point I could sleep through a class, or call in sick to a meeting, or just get a worse grade… skip something that would only affect me. You can’t skip getting up with a baby. There is no other option. It’s all so clear now. Miraculously, I seem to be getting used to “running on fumes”. Tiredness is just a part of life now.

Stan seems to have made it a hobby to capture pictures like this.


and this


Disclaimer: Stan was changing her diaper, not me.

So here we are! Four months of floppy-turned-squishy-turned-chubby cheeks, four months of breastfeeding (the first two months of which I thought my nipples might fall off), four months of tears (the good kind and the bad kind) and four months of this sweetest little face in the whole wide universe staring up at me like I am the greatest thing ever because I give her food, snuggles, love, and clean diapers.



Makes me feel a little inadequate, to be honest.

Stan teases me. “You’re with her all day, then you put her to bed and look at pictures of her.” He catches me smiling at her little clothes as I fold the laundry. She makes my heart hurt.

Enough mushy stuff. Here are some pictures.


Cupcakes in the city with Lieke!


Tummy time with the world’s #1 toy


Sweet sleepies


A daring hike


A visit to work

Heart. Melting.

Heart melter

And in Part II of today’s blog post, we went camping!


It wasn’t actually as hard as I was expecting. Once it got dark, she knew it was bedtime and went to sleep with little protest. Here is our sleeping setup:


We have a small 2-person backpacking tent, so space is very limited! June isn’t rolling and moving around in her sleep yet (she still loves being swaddled) so she didn’t need a whole lot of space. We just cut one of those blue foam pads to her size (double layer) and put them between our two Thermarest pads. Then when she needed to be fed in the night I just did so lying down. Then Stan and I switched places in case she needed to eat again before morning (spoiler alert: she did).

Naps were harder. She had a couple good naps on our hike in the Ergo, and she slept in the car on the 1.5 hour journey. But sleeping in the tent in the daytime was WAY too exciting, so it was a lot of patting, shushing, crying, protesting, and eventually giving up. Evening time was fussy and bedtime was a welcome relief. I initially felt kind of bad for other campers nearby, but no one seemed to mind. I even heard a few other kids crying in the middle of the night, which made me feel better.

When we go home at Christmas (can’t WAIT!) we’ll buy a bigger tent and a portable crib, so that should make naps a little easier and sleeping a little more comfortable.

IMG_5677 IMG_5685 IMG_5686 IMG_5687

In short, I would do it again.