In our quest to finish off the bedroom one chunk at a time (and with some help from some wedding gifts) we bought a pretty new capiz chandelier.

It’s from World Market. Since Martha Stewart’s Gray Squirrel made the room pretty manly, I wanted to add some *~*sparkle*~*.

You know how people talk about that “collected over time” look? Well, we are actually collecting things over time. We obviously still need lamps and stuff.

Here it is glowing at night:

I love it. And when the window is open (or if we turn on our fabulous new swamp cooler) it blows around like a faint windchime. So nice! That and our fountain, which is right outside the window, make for some really relaxing late summer sleeping.

In other news, we watched The Graduate this weekend. I kinda liked it, though it was weird. And what is with the ending? Did they live happily ever after or not??

I hope you all had a lovely weekend!

I don’t really know what I was thinking when I chose that fairy princess purple color for my bedroom way back when I first bought the house. I think that living like such a boxcar hobo (remember where I used to bathe?) made me crave a girly space.

But with the addition of a husband and better living conditions, I was ready (and he was ready) to move on to a more refined look.

An improvement over “I’m six and I love those creepy Barbie animated movies”, right? (Sorry Rachel, but you know it’s true- those things give me nightmares!)

But I do worry that it’s a little too manly. We need to add some color to this baby, pronto. The walls are bare, bare, bare.

Also with the new husband came this cool old dresser that used to be at his grandparents’ summer cabin. Handy Standy (just trying out some nicknames) took it upon himself to refinish it with Shellac (which, by the way, is made from bugs).

I love its warm tone.

You’ll also notice that we did some experimenting with the little side table/night stands. I wanted to strip the paint and refinish the top and sides a la Aubrey and Lindsay, but did you know that pine is a very soft wood and is very hard to strip? After making a giant mess with some citrus-y stripper, we abandoned ship and just re-painted. The tops and sides are Behr Dolphin Fin leftover from the bathroom, and the drawer fronts are the same Gray Squirrel as the walls. We thought a tone-on-tone thing could be cool. Still deciding what I think of it.

Oh and Stan also contributed a new bed with a headboard to the relationship. Score!

We may leave the curtains off. They are currently in the donation pile, because it just feels a little cleaner and more minimalist without them. True, they helped disguise the fact that the window isn’t centered, but I think with some art on the walls and lamps it may help balance things out and distract from that.

You can see the bedrooms I like (many of them deep-toned) here and here.

First of all, thank you all very very very much for reading my blog, and for commenting on my last post. I totally milked the internet for sympathy, and you guys totally indulged me- and I really, truly thank you for that. And I apologize that I’m behind on my blog reading- I know- how does that happen when you’re homebound for 4+ days? Well, Arrested Development streaming on Netflix is a pretty good time-sucker.

And I have to warn you that this post is pretty aimless… those 4+ days haven’t made for a whole lot of blogging material.

It has made for a lot of good bonding time with Blanche, though. Oh Blanche. Why are you such a weirdo?

She nudges her food bowl over with her nose, and lately I’ve been finding it completely upside down.

With food still in it.

In other news, I joined Pinterest! Jeannine has a nice tutorial for using it, and if you do, you should be my friend! Or follow me, or whatever. I just barely started, so so far it’s just filled with wedding ideas.

Also, I’m pretty sure I’ve said it before, but please have an emergency fund! Seriously- one day, I’m a healthy, half-marathon-training 26 year-old walking down the street, and the next day, I’m in the hospital having a $X,XXX (or $XX,XXX? anyone know?) procedure done. Sure, I am fortunate enough to have insurance, but I’m still not looking forward to seeing what I have to pay out of my pocket.

And speaking of spending money, we booked a wedding photographer! She is Terra Cooper with Magnifique Photography and I’m super excited. For our budget wedding, she is a bit of a splurge, but photography is one of my top three priorities (the other two are location and food). When else is the whole family going to be together, dressed up, and having a wonderful time? I think it’s worth it.

Also: Rocket-powered Trike:

It really works! As long as he keeps pedaling.

Also, I’ve been looking for some more bedroom inspiration pictures for when Stan the Man moves in. He has a deep cherry (?) headboard and an Amber dresser- I figure we’ll just work with the differing wood tones. I’ll also probably paint the two side tables.

Here’s some of what I like:

I’m still digging these deep toned bedrooms, too.

Happy Thursday Friday Wednesday!

I’m a scarf girl. Anyone else out there a scarf girl or guy? It’s nice because I can wear the most boring outfit ever, and totally spice it up with a scarf. But when my scarves are hidden away in a closet (a teeny one, at that) I don’t always remember they’re there, and then I enter the dangerous “extremely boring outfit zone” more often than I like.

So I decided to make this space between the bedroom door and the closet my “dressing corner”, since I will probably never have an actual dressing room to call my own (curse you Sara!).

(That big white rectangle is just the light reflecting in the mirror. Maybe someday I’ll learn how to take pictures.)

I got this $5 Logga hanger at Ikea and it sat around my house for weeks I installed it right away.

It seems like every time I have to use anchors, it ends up taking way longer than it should and also generating way more muttered curse words than it should. And then it also seems more blog-worthy than it probably should.

Look at all my fun scarves!

Blanche approves.

I excitedly said to Stan “It’s functional art!!!” He replied “Well… it’s functional.” Wop wop wop. But this room won’t be his for another 158 days or so according to the super-naggy Knot, so if he doesn’t like it by then I guess that will be our first speed bump as a married couple. HA!

Now that the weather is cooling off a bit, it seems like a good time to relax and let the home projects rest. NOT! Just kidding, it really does. In fact, I really can’t wait for the nights this winter of curling up with Netflix or Hulu, or (here’s a novel idea) a good book. (Oh wow, that was an awesome unintentional pun.) I’ve gotten behind on my reading, but honestly it’s mostly because I’m afraid I’ll get sucked in to a good one and lose sleep for about a week- cause that’s how I roll.

Anyway, the direction I meant to go when I started writing this, is that now that it’s cold, I’m putting more focus back on the inside of my house. I have a new secret project that I can’t wait to tell you about (oh the suspense!) but I’m thinking that my bedroom needs a little lift as well. You guys have all met my bedroom.

My friends have bugged me about the purple walls since the moment they laid eyes on them. I truly believe that it could be pulled off, but not by me. Lately I’ve really been loving dark, dramatic bedrooms. Since this room gets a lot of sunlight, I think it could work. And since this is my sleepy place, it might be good to have a nice cozy cave-like shade in here. I obviously don’t know what the hell I’m talking about.

But these people do:

Martha, found here

Nicole, found here

I know I’ve seen a bunch more beautiful spaces with deep tones on the walls, but I’m kinda feeling too lazy to find them right now. What do you guys think” Is it something I could pull off? Would I get sick of it? Would it be depressing?

Aren’t my post titles clever?

Do you ever put something off because you think it’s going to be hard, or just a pain… so you buy some blinds and they sit in their packages all rolled up in the corner of you room… and you stare at them every time you walk by… threatening them that one of these days you’re going to get the better of them and actually hang them up… and there’s nothing they can do to stop you… after you watch one more episode of 30 Rock? Does anyone else do that?

And then, you finally get all geared up to do it, and it turns out that that task you’ve been dreading is really easy. Like, really easy.

Turns out, all you gotta do is drill two holes with a 1/16 bit, and then screw the little hooks in, and hang your blinds like you’re hanging a picture!

Done! Why did I wait so long??

I quite like them. I do think I need some more dark colors so they don’t look so out of place, but I like them. My SIL says that they’re not very private… I’ll have to go outside and tell Stan to pretend he’s changing his clothes so I can see for myself the voyeur-factor. But they let in just enough morning light to get me out of bed, and that may be worth a few sneak peeks every now and again. Just kidding.

I finished these unfinished Ikea RAST dressers a while ago, but I just haven’t gotten around to showing you yet.


I decided to just do them white. I thought I would stain them dark, but that was boring (and white’s… not?). I tried to do a cool stripe design but it looked like it belonged in an 8 year-old’s room in the 80’s. So I just bailed on that idea and did them white, which worked out nicely because I had some paint leftover from the bathroom. I may end up adding a cute stencil or stripes or something later, who knows.

I had to do a couple coats, and I probably should have sanded them better first, because they were pretty rough:

I should also probably do a clear coat on the top to protect them from all my snotty tissues and magazines (eww magazines!).

Trying to be thrifty, I bought a 10-pack of knobs. I needed 12 knobs total, so I picked out two more that looked the same from the little bins. Well, once I unwrapped them they weren’t exactly the same (uh… not even really close)

but after fretting for a while (and Matt giving me “the look” when I asked him if I should take them back) I decided it didn’t matter. I liked the shiny ones better but unfortunately those were not the ones in the ten-pack so I just put them on a bottom drawer.

The nightstands/dressers give me enough space for all my skivvies, pajamas, and workout clothes so yay!

I think they go well in there, even though Wendy says they look like they belong in a little girl’s room (THANKS). I do want to bring more dark colors into the room though, because it’s feeling a little Eastery. Hmm.

I changed my mind on the dark stain for my dressers. I thought I should do something a little more fun, since I was starting with such a blank slate:

I thought I could mix white paint with dark stain and it might look kinda cool. So I settled on white stripes with gray outlines, with the rest of it stained dark. It was hard to get a nice even line.

And it was a pain, because I had to tape three separate times. I was excited to pull the last of the tape off, but I was less excited when I actually saw the finished product:

What is it that’s rubbing me the wrong way about this? I liked the white and gray stripes before I put the stain on… I thought I would like the stain… is it better than leaving it plain? Hmm… it somehow looks like it belongs in an 8 year-old boy’s room… but why?

Finally, Stan picked up the drawer, held it over his shoulder and said “Go long!” That’s it! it looks like a football! I knew something deep within me was rejecting this, and now I know why. Although Stan did find this beauty that would go quite nicely in my room should I decide to keep them like this.

It even has a “foot” rest, he said. Hilarious.

Needless to say, the dressers are still a work in progress. I’ll keep you “post”-ed. As in blog post. Hilariousx2.

A while back, I featured this picture and told you that it was a sneak peak at my next project. Well that wasn’t entirely true, as other projects, like the tile, overtook this one and it has been sitting in my dining room for a few days now. The project is figuring out a color for two of these:

and gettin’ to it! I think I’ve decided on a rich dark stain. I’ve seen a lot of lavender rooms with all white furniture, which I think is pretty, but I’ve also seen them with dark wood. I think I would prefer some darker colors in the room, as there is already a lot of white and pastel. I also bought some of these blinds:

which are “semi-private” (um, okay) but I figure that’s better than the sheer-ish Ikea curtains I currently have. Plus they were about the least expensive window treatments I could find, and bonus: they’re bamboo, which is more environmentally friendly (the packaging says so!). I think they’ll go nicely with some dark stained dressers.

I looked all over the classifieds for some reasonable used small dressers/large nightstands, but to no avail. Maybe that’s an item that people just tend to keep. So I found these super cheapo Ikea children’s dressers, which I’m planning to use both as dressers and as nightstands. So they’re drightstands. Or nightssers. They are really tiny in terms of actually fitting clothes inside, but as you know, my goal is to keep my clothing to a minimum. I think I can do it.

So, I’m not sure when that project will get done, but it would be awesome if it could be this weekend before I go to Oklahoma for Thanksgiving. It would also be awesome to show you the completely finished bathroom by then, but that might be a bit of a stretch.

Here’s a refresher shot of my bedroom:

And before that:

Before that:

And I wish I had it from the same angle, but here’s a different view of the ultimate before:


So what do you think of my drightstands? Also, I have black curtain rods. Does that mean I need to have black hardware on the drightstands? (Drightstand drightstand drightstand.)

Renovating is truly maddening. It really is. The first month that I owned my house, I didn’t live there because, well, it wasn’t livable. (I house-sat for my realtor and stayed with friends during that time.) But as more and more got done, I realized that if I waited until it was “ready”, I would be waiting a looooong time. And besides, a lot more gets done when that’s the place you go after work, rather than having to make a special trip over there and then a trip back to your friend’s house. And you can stay up till the wee hours working on it without having to wake anyone up when it’s time to go to bed. So after scraping off the cottage cheese ceiling, painting (thank you, Rodrigo), new carpet, and gutting and partially putting back together the bathroom among other things (many other things), I moved in! It wasn’t a dramatic “My house is finally ready!” move-in, more of a “Sigh. Here goes nothing.” move-in. I mean, would you be excited to get to bathe in this?


Or keep your toothbrush here?

Medicine cabinet

Maybe you would be. I was lucky to get my bedroom at least somewhat relaxing, so I have somewhere to unwind after the day. By no means is it decorated or finished, but it’s a pleasant contrast to the current bathroom.

My room

Remember the before?

Yeah. Much better. By the way, after removing the pee-soaked carpet and pad, we painted Kilz over the wood floors (not the kind of wood floors you could re-finish, so I didn’t feel too bad) to hopefully seal as much of the “substance” far below the new carpet.

Also, I had no idea how long tile would take. NO idea. I knew it was “a lot of work” and would “take some time” but I still wasn’t fully prepared. Especially since the window had to be built too, which was a project that was tough to get advice for (not many people have done glass block). I decided to go with glass block because I didn’t want to deal with water/mold in the window tracks and with a vent fan installed I didn’t see any reason to need an opening window in the shower. And glass block lets in a lot of good light. It’s probably not totally private, but hey, it’ just my back yard. Just don’t come over to take a shower while I’m having an outdoor garden party.

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