Never has been. In fact, I’m quite impressed that I used actual wrapping paper this year.

The roll wasn’t as wide as this present was tall. I guess I could have laid it the other way so I had enough for the ends.

At least they’re pretty sweet gifts, though.

I’ll leave you with a beautiful version of O Come O Come Emmanuel by Sufjan Stevens:

I’m a sucker for covers- it’s no secret. One of my facebook friends posted a cover of “Lisztomania” by Phoenix on his page, done by the elementary school choir PS22. Have you heard these guys? Amazing.

Then a couple of days later, Stan was working on something on his computer and listening to music, and I heard a familiar song- it was the original. I’d never heard it before, besides by the choir.

Naturally, I haven’t stopped listening to it since.

I found this guy via Stan, who found him via Girl Talk (awesome).

I have a feeling I’ll be dance-cleaning my house to this song tonight.

This one’s cool too.

At the request of my cousin Sam (and since my internet is being paaaaainfully slow at uploading pictures) I’ll share one of my favorite songs with y0u. Actually two versions of the song.

The original is by a group called The Knife, and I hated it the first time I heard it. I thought it was “annoying”. Then suddenly I couldn’t get enough of it.

The second is a much softer, mellower version by Jose Gonzalez.

Do you like it?

In high school, I was one of those kids who was “really into music”. Well okay, I wasn’t one of the kids who knew first about when a band was coming, or who bought t-shirts of my favorite bands and knew trivia or anything like that, but I was a kid who blasted Radiohead in the car and laid in bed with my eyes closed while Brandon Boyd poured meaningful lyrics into my soul or Jim Morrison drunkenly read me poetry.

These days, my discovery of music usually consists of Stan force-feeding me bands he likes until I like them too (actually this is a pretty good system) or my brothers sending me links to youtube videos.

Well blogland, this is the equivalent of me sending you a link of a band that I really like, and that I found all by myself!

If you don’t have time to sit and watch the video, at least push play and listen to the song while you do something else. Yeah, I like it that much.

It gets even cooler though, especially for us house lovers. Here is the description of the album:

“Ghost, released in March 2007 on Morr Music, is a concept album based on the idea of houses retaining stories of things that have happened in them. Each song is a story and some of the stories are told from the house’s point of view. Cooper cited an old house he lived in as one of the inspirations for Ghost. Most of his work on the album was conducted in an old tool shed behind his house.”

How freakin’ cool is that?