It’s been pretty much a snowless winter in SLC so far this year. The mountains have received some, but the valley has been pretty much “dry as a popcorn fart” as my brother would say. This has been wonderful for my lazy side who doesn’t like shoveling snow and picking out snow-approprate footwear, but it’s pretty bad for the ski resorts and for, you know, water supply for next summer.

So my wise, I-want-to-go-skiing side was thrilled to see this outside my window this morning:

It also happens to be doofer the dogger’s favorite weather.

Sure is pretty.

Back indoors, things are not so pretty.

We’re in the midst of some major de-junk and purge action. MAJOR.

I’m hungry.

I’m a scarf girl. Anyone else out there a scarf girl or guy? It’s nice because I can wear the most boring outfit ever, and totally spice it up with a scarf. But when my scarves are hidden away in a closet (a teeny one, at that) I don’t always remember they’re there, and then I enter the dangerous “extremely boring outfit zone” more often than I like.

So I decided to make this space between the bedroom door and the closet my “dressing corner”, since I will probably never have an actual dressing room to call my own (curse you Sara!).

(That big white rectangle is just the light reflecting in the mirror. Maybe someday I’ll learn how to take pictures.)

I got this $5 Logga hanger at Ikea and it sat around my house for weeks I installed it right away.

It seems like every time I have to use anchors, it ends up taking way longer than it should and also generating way more muttered curse words than it should. And then it also seems more blog-worthy than it probably should.

Look at all my fun scarves!

Blanche approves.

I excitedly said to Stan “It’s functional art!!!” He replied “Well… it’s functional.” Wop wop wop. But this room won’t be his for another 158 days or so according to the super-naggy Knot, so if he doesn’t like it by then I guess that will be our first speed bump as a married couple. HA!

Today over at Yellow Brick Home, I am… wait for it… GUEST BLOGGING!! Sorry, but I was excited. Srsly guys, they have such an awesome colorful home and after (AFTER- ME FIRST) you read the post I wrote, you should check out their tour. F’rills, it’s one of my faves.

Ever wonder what happened to these?

Click here to find out!

I periodically misplace my camera. It’s always somewhere in my house, or maybe my car, or maybe hanging from a fence post in the back yard. When that happens, you guys are stuck with “before” pictures taken with Photo Booth. Sorry about that.

Anyhow, here’s how the little corner office area has been looking. Not very organized, and not very office-y. (And yah, the pic is backwards because of the nature of Photo Booth, and because of the nature of me to not take the time to open it in Photoshop and flip it.)

My sweet parents had some extra shelves that they weren’t going to use (in Oklahoma!) so they sent them out here with some friendsĀ  who happened to be making the 1000+ mile drive. Their troubles were worth it in my opinion!

Where the red tree is, I was originally going to do something like this that I saw in (where else?) the Ikea catalog:

But I already had the tree from (where else?) a roommate past, and I figured that with clothespins it could make a cool little bulletin board of sorts. I already had all of the other crap too, and it was like Christmas going down in the basement and taking it out of boxes. Yeah, it’s all kind of a bizarre mish-mash of stuff that I’ve gotten from my grandma’s house and other relatives, but it was all free and has some degree of sentimental value.

Before I really start using it as an office area (or at least a mail sorting area and home base for my computer and shredder) it needs electricity. That’s on the to-do list! But it will probably have to wait until the weather turns cold, since the yard is being such an attention hog at the moment.

Also, I don’t really like all that black. What should I do, blog world? I think it’s a pretty cool little desk (although it’s not the most comfortable thing) but the black just sucks all the light out of that corner. Should I paint it white? White with blue handles? Should I paint the shelves? Here it is in context (an older pic):

I’m leaning towards painting it, but I’m just not sure what color.

Also, does anyone have a good mail sorting solution? Mine currently piles up on the table and pisses me off.

After I excitedly told you about my new pot rack, I promised to “fill you in” (ahahaha) as to what we did to “fill in” (ahaha) the ugly hole.

This is what it looked like before:

And this is what it looks like now:

A close- up:

Quite a while ago, Stan found me this pretty old heat grate at a salvage shop. He spent hours stripping about 30 layers of gunky paint from it, then spray painted it. He also got a piece of thin plywood, cut it to size, and spray painted it silver to go behind the grate. Then he screwed both of them into the chimney with masonry screws while I took a nap. It was wonderful. I tried to paint the blue masonry screws, but it looks like they may need another coat. Oh and that yellow stuff in the “before” picture is Great Stuff- just a spray insulation foam, since the ugly hole pretty much opens to the outside.

No more ugly hole!

Is a pot rack too weird of a thing to love? I really do love them. First of all, storing pots and pans in a cabinet is really annoying, and they all bang around when you try to get out the second-to-biggest one out. (Hey, sometimes really stupid things really get on my nerves.) I’ve always dreamed of the day when I could “fetch a pitcher (pot)” just like Wesley does for Buttercup in the best movie of all time.

I had the perfect spot to hang one- right on this gnarly brick chimney that I had painstakingly uncovered from underneath a bunch of plaster.

My dreams were about to come true when I spotted this beauty from Ikea for $15:

However, the thing is 31.5″ wide, and my brick chimney is only 30″ wide. I spent a lot of time holding the rack up to it anyway, trying to see if a genius plan would pop into my brain. I even considered taking a hacksaw to the metal rods, and I would have done it, but the threaded nuts are stuck into the ends of the rods, so I would have cut those off. Stan said that we could still hacksaw it and just epoxy in new nuts, but with my to-do list already a gazillion miles long I just didn’t see it actually happening.

Then I got a brilliant plan. A somewhat pricey plan, but one that would work.

See, Ikea also sells these single rails at a much more acceptable length of 20″.

And they have the exact same threaded nuts in the ends. So all I had to do was buy 6 of them! This is where the pricey part comes in. At $7 a pop I spent a total of $42 on these, plus $15 for the original, bringing the total to $57. That’s actually still a pretty good price for one of these babies compared to what I’ve seen elsewhere, but alas more than the $15 I thought I was originally going to get away with. Oh well. (I will still be able to use the six 31.5″ rods with the six pairs of single brackets elsewhere.)

I assembled the shelf, then Stan the man used his fancy masonry screws to bolt that sucker to the wall. Then we hung the pots.

Woo hoo! Someday I will have gorgeous heavy copper bottom stainless steel pots, but for now these remnants from roommates past will have to do. And yes, the range hood is still serving as a coffee table in the guest bedroom, and may still for a while now… there are too many other things to do that require good weather, and I think that will take an entire afternoon.

Stay tuned to see what we did with that ugly hole!

Update: I fixed the ugly hole!

I don’t have one of those. I do have a cleaning stairwell though.



It may not seem like much, but drilling holes into those old plaster walls is a beyotch (thanks Stan!).

The whole ensemble consists of a shelf I got at a garage sale ages ago, a skinny bucket, some of those garage hangy things for shovels and whatnot (bonus: about 5 more strips came in the set so I can still use them later), some $1 crates, and a cleaning caddy. And the brooms and stuff.

I made these super crafty “clean” and “dirty” tags for rags (ie. I magic markered the words “clean” and “dirty” on some pieces of paper).

Now I don’t have to pile up old dishrags on the floor, where they can be tripped over. Let’s be honest- I never walk them all the way down the stairs to the laundry.

Previously all this crap was scattered throughout the house, so hopefully this helps me want to clean my house more. Hardy har har.

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