You may be reading my blog because you are thinking of buying a home, or because you already bought your first home. If you fit into the latter category, I’m just going to say a quick thing about getting your refund. You DON’T have to wait until April to file for the credit, unless you want to. If you want the money immediately (well, in 6 weeks which is about how long it takes to process), all you have to do is amend last year’s taxes.

If you know anything about taxes, or really anything about filling out forms, you could probably just download the 1040X form and the 5405 form and do it yourself. All the info you need will be in your closing documents and your 1040 from last year, and the forms have instructions that are pretty good.

However, I have about zero confidence in myself to not mess it up, so I paid an accountant $100 to fill them out instead. (I also didn’t file my taxes for three years, so that kind of demonstrates my level of competency on the subject, and maybe even on life itself).

Good luck getting your dough!